We love our pet parents almost as much as we love their pets!  Apparently, the feeling is mutual.  We are very proud to share the comments below from some of them.  


(Pet Parent of Yoda, Bella, Sadie Mae & Coco)

Tina with Your Pet's Pal has provided dog sitting for my three dogs and cat for several years. Tina has proved to be capable and responsible as well as a good communicator. During this time, I had no issues with the services she provided. She was always on time and did a great job keeping me informed of how my four legged babies were feeling and behaving. My dogs and cat are always happy and healthy when we return. I recommend anyone that is looking for a pet sitting service to rely on Tina for these services. I was fully satisfied and felt confident that my dogs were in the best hands.

Tony & Dawn

(Pet Parents of Matilda, Rowan & Edison)

Our puppies love "Aunt" Tina's visits so much, they almost forget we are out of town. And we can enjoy our vacation knowing our babies are in the best possible hands.


(Pet Parent of Ella & Buddy)

Our Pets Pal has been taking care of our pets ; an elderly cat for 2 years, a golden retriever for 4 years and our newest dachshund for a year and a half. They love when Tina comes to "visit". She takes them for long walks and often brings them treats. They even respond to her name when we say it. I think they love her more than us. We feel totally comfortable allowing the service in our home when we are away. I highly recommend Your Pets Pal!


(Pet Parent of Leia)

I have been using Your Pet’s Pal pet sitting service for nearly 3 years now and I have been more than pleased. I picked up one of their flyers at the shop where I was having my car serviced and the owner of the shop recommended them very highly. I made an appointment to meet with Tina and I was immediately impressed with the services they offer. I had spent nearly 2 weeks researching various boarding situations for my two cats. And with one of my cats being 15 years old and deaf, I really didn’t feel comfortable putting her in a boarding situation. The fact that we were going to be traveling for 8 days, the fees for boarding both of them was really going to take a chunk out of my already tight budget, not to mention additional expense and time off from work to drop them off and pick them up since most boarding facilities are only open Mon-Fri. Your Pet’s Pal has been the perfect solution for me. No trauma for my animals by being carted off to a strange place. I also love knowing that the Moseleys are coming and going from our home when we are away, picking up mail/newspapers, turning on lights, etc. I couldn’t ask for better service!

Becky and Lawrence

(Pet Parents of Spike & Max)

My kids aka my dogs Spike and Max love Tina from your pets pal. I can say her name and my dogs get so excited. Tina is energetic, dependable and responsive to last minute requests. I would never leave my dogs with anyone else. When you choose to have Tina take care of your most loved family members you will feel confident that they will get great care and love while you are away.


(Pet Parent of Seancey)

I can sum up my experience with Tina and "Your Pet's Pal" in one word, FANTASTIC! Tina's first concern is your pet, and in my case a spoiled dog. She did far more than take him out and leave. She made a point of bonding with him and becoming a big part of his daily life. Tina was here daily for multiple years, and would still be coming if I hadn't retired. You will never regret trusting your pet to Tina. 


(Pet Parent of Beeker)

I have a fussy, old and very spoilt cat who traditionally has not liked being left at home when we travel! I have used a few pet sitters over the years and the cat has been adequately taken care of, however, I was not overly satisfied for some reason. When paging thru the development newsletter I saw Tina’s advertisement and decided to give her a call, it was probably one of the best decisions I had made in a while! Tina came over to meet us and the cat and immediately I knew that this was someone who just loved animals and has a very kind, unselfish heart, we have used Tina ever since. There was a time when the cat was ill and we were going away, Tina immediately offered to stay overnight to make sure the cat was taken care of! When we arrived home from our travels our ‘old lady’ is very content and it is obvious that she is well taken care of and happy, what more could you ask for? I highly recommend Tina to anyone who has pets!

Bruce & Dawn 

(Pet Parents of Sammy & Samantha)

Regarding Your Pets’ Pal (Tina Moseley)
We have been using Your Pets’ Pal for over 5 years and highly recommend them for all your pet sitting needs. It’s nice to go away and not worry about your pets being taken care of. Whenever we leave and come back it is like we never left. Our pets are happy, our mail is on the dining room table and our trash has been taken out. We couldn’t ask for anything more.