Why should you hire an In-Home Pet Sitter ? ? ?

Pets are creatures of habit and prefer to stick to their routine and surroundings. Changing things like feeding time, daily walk route, and surroundings can create stress and cause illness, behavioral problems or worse, an unhappy pet. Pets stay healthier and less stressed if they are not exposed to other animals at a kennel, boarding or veterinarian facility. With a pet sitter your pet is not exposed to illnesses of other animals nor required to have additional shots. Close observation by a sitter often catches illness or injury early.

At Your Pets‘ Pal, we believe that pet sitting is the ONLY alternative for the care of your pet when you are not home.

We can make life easier for You and Your Pets.

With our pet sitting service, your pet. . .
  • Remains happy and healthy in the comfort of their own home.
  • Experiences the same smells and sounds they are used to like their favorite bed or purrfect spot next to the stairs.
  • Remains on their normal eating and dietary routine.
  • Does not suffer great anxiety over your absence.
  • Is not stressed by travel in a car or an unfamiliar environment.
  • Is not exposed to other animals that could be aggressive or carry an illness.
  • Maintains well-established personal routines.
  • Receives individual attention and love from a pet sitter with unique knowledge of their habits, hiding places and favorite scratching spots.
  • Looks forward to his sitter's visit for individual attention.
  • Will be safe and comfortable whenever you return home.
With our pet sitting service, you. . . 
  • Will not have to transport your pet to and from the kennel, or work within their business hours.
  • Don't have to impose on a friend, neighbor or relative to care for your pet. Instead you can depend on a professional who puts all of your pets’ needs first.
  • Will be able to put your worries aside and enjoy your time away from home, knowing your beloved pets are cared for by a bonded and insured professional pet sitter.
  • Will have the option of working late or going out after work without rushing home.
  • Will have no more expensive boarding fees, no more reservation lists, no more hidden vaccine costs, and no more fleas to bring home!

Daily Dog Walking Services

With so many people working long hours, many pets are stuck at home alone with a sedentary lifestyle. Your Pets’ Pal can help with your hectic schedule and give your four legged friend the attention he deserves! A daily walk/playtime can give your dog the fresh air, exercise & attention he needs while you are away at work. Dogs are walked in their neighborhood in familiar surroundings. Our walks will vary upon your pet, as we allow your dog to walk at it's leisure & take necessary potty time. Some dogs may need less of a walk time & more play time while other dogs prefer to go for long walks. These breaks are also great for puppies and young dogs who need to practice their simple obedience commands or who just need a break to release some energy. An elderly pet can certainly use potty breaks or may need daily meds. We are able to come to your home for a mid-day or evening break, depending on your schedule.

A Pet Sitter is the Purrfect Solution!

Your Pets’ Pal is the Purrfect Pet Sitter!

Your Pets’ Pal Pet Sitting offers a multitude of services for a variety of pets. There is daily activity at your home, your mail is gathered, lighting changed and trash removed, all of which provide a lived in feel and can often act as a crime deterrent. Pet sitters offer last minute service for those sudden unexpected but necessary trips. In-home pet sitting is very affordable, especially for a multi-pet household. Best of all, no more traumatic boarding experiences for your pets. Choose the schedule and services you want, and we'll do the rest.