About Us

We are bonded with Travelers Insurance and insured through the Business Insurers of The Carolinas. We are also members in good standing of Pet Sitters International, a professional organization for pet sitters. We take great pride in the care we give your pets and the service we provide for you.

I have loved dogs for as long as I can remember.  I recently decided that this love came from my maternal grandfather, Papa Noah.  I never knew him but he was apparently crazy about his dog!  Whenever he drove anywhere, Rascal rode in the front seat and Grandmama rode in the back.  This love skipped a generation and a couple of sisters, and landed squarely on me! 

My husband and I have raised only one daughter, but have always had a houseful of dogs & cats.  Our current crew consists of Ellie, PooPoo, and Midge (pictured) and our cats Princess, MooMoo & Kitty Katty (none of whom would stick around for the picture).  Our record high was a few short years ago and included BooBoo, Tiny and Sampson, in addition to the the current six.  It has always been chaotic at our house but I cannot imagine my life without them.  

A few years ago, I entered the pet industry as a store manager for Red Bandanna Pet Food Stores.  I learned a great deal about animal nutrition and products and absolutely loved my customers (and their owners)!  It was a great job and it introduced me to many other aspects of the pet world.  That is where I found out about Pet Sitting.  Many pet sitters shopped at my store and I decided I really liked what they did for a living.

In July of 2007, I took the plunge and opened Your Pets’ Pal Pet Sitting and Taxi Service.  During the first year, I did a lot of independent contract work for other pet sitters and learned the ropes.  I also retained several clients of my own.  Over the next couple of years, I gained more of my own clients and worked less for other pet sitters, but still filled in for a few of them occasionally.  Now, I almost exclusively see my own clients but still fill in for others occasionally.

We’re now a Mum & Pup Operation!  My husband has recently joined me and is enjoying his new duties.  Many times, we go together and other times we fight over who “gets” to go do the petsit, not who “has” to do it.  His new title is Deputy Dog; and of course, my title remains Top Dog! We will strive to offer the best possible pet sitting services for you and your pets


Tina & Reid Moseley 
Ellie, PooPoo & Midge
Tina & Reid Moseley Ellie, PooPoo & Midge

 I truly love what I do!  I spend my days taking care of the most wonderful creatures on earth.  I never get bored and find unconditional love and wet, slobbery kisses wherever I go.  What more could you ask for?  There is never a dull moment in the life of a pet sitter.  One day I’m gonna write a book about it!